Friday, February 17, 2017

Welcome Back!

Yes, it's been a while... over two months that I've been remiss in reporting the weather oddities of this winter.  Here's a brief overview.  December was actually quite snowy and wintry.  We never had a school-cancelling type of precipitation event, but we had several 6-inch snowfalls at regular intervals.  And then, over the holidays, it melted on a couple of 50 degree days... and it never came back!

January was a month of interesting records, some of them official.  We had the least amount of snow (that is to say, we had no snow).  It rained several times, so I can't say it was the driest January, just the least-snowy.  January also had a strong of days in the double digits long where we didn't see the sun at all.  I believe it was the cloudiest January... it seemed like it, at any rate.  (Except for women's march day -- that day was sunny and lovely and warm!) 

February has just been mild.  We've had some lovely sunny days, some warm days... this crazy winter has made regular winter days seem unbearably cold.  Every once in a while we have a day in the 20's, which would be a normal winter day in any other winter, and everyone (including me) carries on like it's the coming of the next ice age.  And then after a day or two, it's in the forties again.  OR the fifties, or the sixties.  Today it hit 63, and it's supposed to be in the sixties for the next 3 days.

What prompted me to get out my camera was open water.  The ice hasn't been safe for a while, but it's been covering most of the lake.  Yesterday it was well over 50% covered.  Today:  
Mostly open water!  I'm sure what's still left will be gone soon, what with the predicted warm weekend.  I'll be honest, the weather is disturbing, both in the short term and in the big picture, but you can't change the weather (in the short term, anyhow). So I'm going to try and focus on enjoying it rather than worrying about it!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Let it Snow!

Yesterday's snowfall, which lasted from about 9 am until after dark, had some pretty impressive numbers (and broke official records for Dec. 4)... over 6 inches reported in most places (6.5 at O'hare) and over 8 in some places.  However, the snow fell on earth that wasn't that cold yet, so it didn't start sticking right away.  My driveway, which, being black, held out the longest, had less than 2 inches this morning.  The deck, on the other hand, with air flowing under it, has over 4 inches... I didn't measure, but it doesn't look like 6 to me!  At any rate, while it lasts, it's lovely.  It was a sticky snow so the branches (and berries!) all have white coatings. 

Meanwhile, there is some ice on the lake, but very little, less than 25% cover.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Improbable Flowers

It's 35 and windy and precipitating ice... but these honeysuckles don't seem to notice!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Witch hazel

Last flowers of the year... (or not, it turns out!)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's C-c-c-cold

Yesterday it was in the 60s, but brutal winds carried in a cold front... this morning there are snow flurries swirling all over, even starting to stick. Welcome, winter!

(And happy birthday to Chris!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


November 1 and it was in the mid 70s today. I saw butterflies and grasshoppers and bees and dragonflies... here's one:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Frost

It was 38 degrees when I left for school today. Patchy frost... ugh!