Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Already Nipping?

This morning, we had our first patchy frost.  It covered the rooftops, but I only saw it in a few places on the grass.  It seems that the garden plants, at least in my garden, were spared... there will be basil and tomatoes for another day!

The frost followed a pretty crazy day of temperature fluctuations.  Monday it got up to 80 degrees, and then a storm came briefly through and the temperatures dropped like a lead balloon.  Tuesday's predicted high was around 65, but I don't think it even approached that.  I was cold all day with a sweater on, for the first time since... at least May.  Then last night, the low was a record-breaking 35 degrees F... followed by a lovely, mild (but windy), 70 degree daytime.

Winter coats and gloves at breakfast, shirt sleeves at lunch!  How do we prepare for that?