Monday, December 5, 2016

Let it Snow!

Yesterday's snowfall, which lasted from about 9 am until after dark, had some pretty impressive numbers (and broke official records for Dec. 4)... over 6 inches reported in most places (6.5 at O'hare) and over 8 in some places.  However, the snow fell on earth that wasn't that cold yet, so it didn't start sticking right away.  My driveway, which, being black, held out the longest, had less than 2 inches this morning.  The deck, on the other hand, with air flowing under it, has over 4 inches... I didn't measure, but it doesn't look like 6 to me!  At any rate, while it lasts, it's lovely.  It was a sticky snow so the branches (and berries!) all have white coatings. 

Meanwhile, there is some ice on the lake, but very little, less than 25% cover.