Friday, January 23, 2009

Following Along

We are in the midst of a beautiful mid-winter week here in Grayslake, IL. Hard to believe, but today's predicted high of 30 degrees F is nearly 40 degrees higher than it was a week ago! This whole week has been sunny, mid 20s, with a thick layer of snow... perfect for tracking animals, and we have been doing a lot of it!

With a class of 3rd and 4th graders, I followed a coyote's tracks across the prairie. We saw the tracks get further apart as the canine ran faster, and at the end, we found his -- and our -- prize... a dead rabbit. Or part of one. Some fur, some intestines left over.

Also sighted this week: lots of vole activity, including some actual voles scared out of their subnivean world by large and careless feet; many, many birds, including a flock of chickadees singing loudly; squirrel tracks and a lot of osage orange midden; and a small town of ice fisher people on the lake.

Grayslake is at 42.35 deg N and 88.05 deg W. Sunrise 7:13 am, sunset 4:55 pm, moon waning crescent (beautiful, saw it on the way to work this morning!)

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