Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it Snow!

It's snowing, snowing snowing...

this winter we've heard on the news about snowfalls everywhere... even the south seems to have more snow than us... School is cancelled below the Mason-Dixon line, and our ground is bare! So, we have a covering now. Not enough for a school cancellation (not that much by anyone's standards) but enough to cover the ground, at least.

Happy day for voles... I think of them often on cold, non-snowy days.


  1. The kids did not have school Monday or Tuesday this week due to a few inches of snow. It is hilly and they really don't have the equipment to deal with it. I was at work on Sunday during the "snow storm". It was nasty to work in outdoors as I was. The wind made it blow sideways right into my face. Yuck! I did not dare drive home in it so work put me up in a hotel nearby. Phew! The next day the sun came out and warmed everything up and some melted. We are definitely in a cold snap as it was 18 degrees this morning. Hard to work outside in those temps but I did all day. Yeah for me! The kids made a wonderful snowman with a mohawk. Go to facebook for the photos.

  2. We have not had any snow days yet this year. It seems as though everyone else is having snowy winters, including the south, but us. Pfft.