Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pasque Part 2

Today I sketched my pasqueflower. First I drew the flower from a regular view (on the right) and I was pretty pleased with the flower part. The stem and leaves, however, were so hairy that they a) required too much patience, and b) were too difficult to really capture. There's so much fuzz you can hardly tell what shape the leaves actually are! If it were a common plant, or a weed, I'd stick my finger in there and move them around and get a better view, but I didn't want to hurt my plant. For the second (left) sketch, I bent over more to view it right from the side, sort of like how it was photographed yesterday. The sun was shining through the petals, so the places where they overlapped appeared really dark, while the places where they didn't appeared bright white. Same problem with the leaves.

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