Monday, September 26, 2011

A rainbow lights up our rainy week.
I spent last week on a school trip in Northern Wisconsin, which is a lovely place to start fall (and is the reason for my lack of equinox posting).  During all four days I was there, the weather could not make up its mind... did it want to rain?  be cloudy?  sunny?  Uable to make up its mind, the weather changed every five minutes.  The weekend back home was more of the same... downpour, followed by blazing sun, and lovely, changing cloudscapes... with a few really rainy days sprinkled in there.  The reward of this MPD weather pattern is that this is the third rainbow I've seen in the past few days (and the only one I got a picture of). It arced fully across the sky as the sun shone through the gently falling raindrops.


  1. Hi Naomi - I am trying to reach you regarding a contest on my blog You won! Can you email me at myskinnygarden at gmail dot com so that I can arrange to have it delivered to you?

  2. Hi Naomi - still trying to reach you about the pole saw. I wanted to let you know that if I don't hear from you by 10:00 CST tomorrow October 12 I'm going to need to select a different winner. Thanks!

  3. Naomi - please disregard all these crazy comments. A person who follows your blog entered a contest on my blog and I mistakenly thought it was you. I'm really sorry.