Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowdrops and Snow Drops

The world is not stripey.  Nor is my camera... this is some translation error between the computer and blogger, I think... but I haven't time to try and figure that out, so we press on.
Snowdrops, 2/23
Yesterday, I did check for snowdrops and found them blooming.  They were, indeed, the true first flower of 2012, though I know not when, precisely.  This morning, however, they are covered by about 5 inches (and counting) of very wet, heavy snow.
Snow Droops All the Tree Branches, 2/24

It started as rain, and then turned to snow as night set in.  falling onto wet branches and plants, the snow stuck.  Since the temperature hovered around 32 all night, it continued to stick pile... Now the world is white and very droopy.  Branches on many trees are practically touching the ground.  If you haven't put your back out shoveling (I did not, btw) it's very lovely.  Enjoy it today -- I suspect it's ephemeral, and we'll have puddles before long.
Snow Capped
My Metal Flower Garden

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