Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crazy Weather = New Normal...

The snow that fell on Monday (4/14) still lingers in shady places this morning, reminding us that we are still firmly in winter's grasp.  On the weekend, we saw through her fingers, tasted what it will be like when we are relinquished from the cold's hold... it was over 70 for 2 consecutive days -- for the first time all season... (I think it was the first time over 60!)... but then on Sunday, it dropped from the upper 60's in the morning to the lower 40's be late afternoon, and we were back to winter.

Of course, we often have an April snowshower.  The difference is, it's usually falling on daffodils, and comes after periods of spring-like weather, so that it seems like an anomaly, not more of the same.  This year, it's the spring that seems to be the oddity...

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Cherry blooms
I actually missed most of the warm weather here in Illinois.  I experienced it on Washington, DC (where it didn't end on Sunday).  I went for the National Service Learning Conference, but incidentally, I also got to experience one of the nation's most famous phenological phenomena -- the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms.  
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Jefferson Monument through cherry blossoms

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