Friday, March 27, 2015

Ice Off

We woke up this last day of spring break (AKA winter break part II) to a thin layer of snow, and I wonder... could it possibly be the season's last?  The day is supposed to stay at or below freezing temperatures all day, too.  A fine end to spring break.

That said, I did indeed miss ice off, despite the low temps the last week.  Here's what I know.  It was on on 3/20.  It was off on 3/26.  I didn't see it in between.  Unless I get better data, I'll put this year's ice off date for Lake Leopold at 3/23/15.  That makes the data look like this:
2015: 3/23
2014: 4/2
2013: 4/4
2012: 2/22
2011: 3/18
2010: 3/18
2009: 3/9
2008: 3/31
2007: 3/18
2006: 3/10

50's over the weekend, maybe.  Or at least by Monday.  Time marches on.

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