Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fauna Firsts

Today was this first time this spring I've seen dragonflies (this far north) -- green darners... Though admittedly I haven't been hanging out by water. I love to see them hovering and swooping in the sunlight...

Also had my first close encounter of the year with Sandhill cranes. I've seen them flying far overhead, but today they crossed the trail right in front of me... If I hadn't slowed down, I think I might have collided with them on my bike. They seemed totally nonplussed by this. (I guess I should have gotten a picture but when biking my phone isn't that accessible. Plus I'm not an especially confident cyclist. Yet. This is a silver lining oft only medically sanctioned exercises being swimming and biking... When I'm recovered, I shall be a triathlete!)

Incidentally, I also had a heron fly in and land right by me. Today was a good day for me and large birds.

Not a good day for turtles, as that was my saddest animal encounter today... A flattened painted turtle on the road.

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