Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I put a sumac leaflet next to this tiny snapping turtle so you could tell how small it was -- body inch and a half, maybe? 
Here is a list of things I saw this weekend that might be "lasts" for 2015:
  • a monarch butterfly
  • a dragonfly
  • a turtle
  • a snake
  • a cicada (saw it, not heard it.  It looked fine, but technically, I didn't check for signs of life and it might have been dead.)
  • a toad and a frog (which I don't think will be the last...)
  • weather in the 70's (upper 70's on 10/10/15)
I would also like to say a word about red-wing black birds.  I certainly don't associate them with fall... I think of their distinctive shrill calls piercing the March chill as signs of spring-to-come.  I think of the constant threat of being dive-bombed as mid-summer perils.  But they fade away in the fall.  I noticed a lot of them this weekend, though, in flocks, even.  They were vocalizing but not a lot or loudly/distinctively.  They were near the trail but didn't appear at all interested in harming me (thank goodness!).  I guess they're getting ready for their winter retreat... 

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