Monday, January 4, 2016

Ice On

So winter finally came in earnest on Dec. 28, when we had a snow/sleet storm that required me to shovel the driveway four times in one day -- not necessarily because the snow was that deep, but because it was wet and heavy and if too much accumulated, it was nearly impossible to move it!  That snow is still here, so it's stayed seasonably cold for a whole week now.  

I spent part of that week in Colorado, and therefore missed the ice on date, but I'm putting it right around the new year.  When I was able to see things on 1/2, small ponds were totally frozen and larger lakes were pretty much frozen, with maybe a couple of small open spots which were all frozen over by the end of the weekend.  Now the question is, will it stay frozen through the end of the week when it's supposed to get near 40 again?  If so... next week is predicted to be positively arctic!

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