Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nipping at my Nose!

Our school? Does not have a white roof. It has a frosty roof. I'm going to call it a first patchy frost this morning... none at my house that I noticed (and basil seems to confirm that) but in addition to the school roof, a colleague reported frost on her car windows this morning, so it's not a trick of the eye. (I first thought it was... I can't actually touch the roof, and all the plants, etc. are very wet but weren't frosty by the time I got outside, so I thought maybe it was a finny reflection of light. But no...)

That said, yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and crisp. It seems we will have more of the same to come... but I will miss it. I leave tomorrow for Boulder, CO, where my brother is getting married this weekend. Then I head to Portland, OR, for the annual NAAEE conference. Yes, over a thousand nature nerds gathering together... swarms of worn hiking boots and Nalgene bottles bedecked in duct tape... a significantly higher than average number of Birkenstocks worn with socks and bushy beards. I hope to log on occasionally from there, but if not I am certain I will have plenty to report when I return!

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  1. Hey Naomi - also check out You could integrate phenological observations into your classroom using Project BudBurst's structure, and y'all could be part of this national effort to help detect the fingerprint of climate change across the nation... jake