Monday, October 19, 2009

Warmth! (Yea!)

Today is a beautiful day, as was yesterday. The sun is shining, it is relatively warm (which means light jacket only, not short sleeves or anything). There are dragonflies (meadowhawks at least, maybe others) around the pond, and grasshoppers are everywhere. I haven't seen a frog in a while; I think I won't until spring.
grasshopper in there. See it? off to the left.

But still... in the midday sun, shadows are long
and there is something just... I don't know... oppressive in the air. As though winter is breathing down our necks and this niceness is just a reprieve, a delaying of the inevitable...

Plants are preparing for next spring already; with buds and catkins they face the winter days ahead just like so many people do... with their eyes on spring.

basswood bud; hazel catkins.

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