Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Monarchy

Today, as the temperature once again climbed to 90, I spent the day outside by a fire. It was quite warm, to say the least. There were times I couldn't tell if I was getting burnt from the fire or if my utensils, etc. were just really hot from being in the sun. (I never did get burned by the fire.)

But the redeeming quality of the day was the monarchs. I don't think I've seen one yet this season, but they were out in droves today. In pairs, they danced with each other, playfully tumbling across the prairie. Alone, they fluttered about, alighted on a plant, and moved again. At one point, between classes, I stood very still and one landed on me. Of course, I didn't have my camera. Probably, if I had, it would have sensed my urgency and not landed on me at all, so I suppose it's better I didn't. I'm telling myself that, anyhow...

Anyhow, they were a treat to watch, a breeze on a hot near-summer day.

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