Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dragonflies, Etc.

This common baskettail (I think) sat calmly on a lupine while I took her picture. She was hard to ID, and, if we're correct, she's a new one for me!
Eastern forktail, above (not a new one) and orange bluet (also not new) below. What a contradictory name...
These caterpillars were just decimating the Somonon's seal on which they lived.
An early false sunflower, this one without aphids.

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  1. In a reaction to my yesterday's post, mentioning yet another damselfly I found in my garden, someone said that he seems to see more damselflies and dragonflies every year.
    Don't know if there are more than other years, but this weekend I saw a Beautiful demoiselle, who's said to be rare in Belgium.