Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Birds and the Bugs

Male Blue Dasher, I think. Dragonflies do make me happy.

So... this was the weirdest thing that happened to me all weekend. I was trimming some bushes -- with no nest in them -- and this mourning dove came and started pecking away at the leaves and bricks around where I was working. It was absolutely fearless -- I could step or make sudden motions and it wouldn't react. At first we thought it must somehow be injured, but we couldn't find anything wrong with it... except, of course, over-trusting-ness or stupidity. It could fly, and did, when Chris, unable to resist after a while, tried to catch it in his hands. I actually thought, several times, that it would peck my toes... though it didn't, actually. Whatever it was eating, it seemed happy about it, as it returned a few times before leaving for good.

Aphids. I still love them.

And, in garden world, we are being overwhelmed by spinach, and I made my first pesto today with our first 5 garlic scapes and a grand harvesting of basil.

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  1. 'Aphids. I still love them'...
    I love to read that...