Friday, October 29, 2010

Come Again Another Day


The ground was parched and dusty. The air was dry. We hadn't had any real rain in 6 weeks or more? And then... after a nice rain in Saturday, the "worst storm in 70 years" hit the mid-west on Tuesday. Sideways rain. 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts. Branches down, roadsigns flying, semi-trucks blown off the road. General craziness. I don't want to sound Naomi-centric, here, but I feel I did two things to precipitate this weather event.
1. I finally hired someone to paint the outside of our house, who started in the middle of last week, and is not yet finished.
2. I went to Minneapolis (for the 1st annual National Green Schools Conference, which was awesome) in a large rented van with students in it. Needless to say, our homeward travel was delayed. Also, we got to see our first snow of the 2010-2011 winter season, though it did not get that cold here... until last night, when we had a hard freeze (but no precipitation).

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