Monday, May 23, 2016

Back in the Swing (For Now)

Between last week and this week, some things I've missed photographing:
  • mayapples blooming
  • wasps making nests everywhere
  • assuming last frost was last week -- 5/14 was in the 30's -- SUPER COLD -- we planted all the vegetables in the garden this weekend.  I did hear Tom Skilling say on the radio this morning that he thinks the warmth is here to stay.  Now if he could take the thunderstorms out of the forecast for my last camping trip, that'd be good. 
  • pretty much all trees have leaves now, including ashes and oaks, our late leafer-outers
  • I saw a really beautiful wood duck yesterday, just floating along by the boardwalk at Rollins Savannah

And here are some observations from the actual May 23:
Spittlebug spittle is quite common now.

Cream False Indigo blooming:



  1. I love when I spy a spittlebug froth. Did you know there are tens of thousands of varieties of these creatures? PS: would love to learn how to use that Labels feature you have for my own blog! (

  2. Congratulations on spotting the spittlebug. (Referred by @Living_Almanac on Twitter)