Saturday, May 7, 2016

Geese etc.

I was viciously attacked by geese this morning. So I'd already run 6.75 miles, with the plan to run 7 and then walk the last mile home. This is important information because it means I'm not interested in turning around; that would add miles to my route. I rounded a curve and came upon 3 pairs of geese, each with a little flock of goslings. They were on both sides of the trail and on it. Goslings were actually sitting on the trail. So adult geese will hiss but leave at a fast walk or fly, but the babies are slow and I'm approaching and they're scattering but none too fast.  Some of the parents decide I'm getting too close and charge me, hissing, wings flapping... Right at me. I screamed (not in fear but to scare them, not terribly effectively) and waved my arms and kicked at one but in the end... I just ran through and away as fast as I could, heart racing...

Here's some more mundane phenology for you:
Foam flower blooming.
Crab apples still look lovely but petals are starting to fall like snow in the breeze...

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