Friday, August 28, 2009

Misty Water-Covered Spiderwebs

The misty rain this morning covered every spiderweb in the prairies and lawns. It is pretty amazing, really, to see just how many spiderwebs there are out there! Every few steps, another picturesquely dewed web adorns the vegetation. Their patterns, so perfect, remind me of how wondrous nature is... that a spider, who is tiny, can architect this geometric creation with no blueprints and no way to see the final product from afar... that they adapt to whatever shape the plants around them happen to be... that they build them in the exact shape they need to be to catch their prey.

I discovered all the webs this morning with a class of kindergartners, who were quite fascinated by them, and rightly so. This wasn't what we were out there for... but what a teachable moment!


  1. Cool pictures, Ms. Naomi! They're awesome!!!

    John C. : )

  2. Hi Naomi, I'm fascinated by spider webs. These are so beautiful! I'm a nature nerd too and seeing your blog title brought me here.

    I'm from India. I'll be back again.