Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of our travel adventures involved a sunset sea kayaking trip. We got to see a lot of wildlife on this expedition...
This is the only shot of a loon I got on the whole trip. It isn't the only loon we saw, but the only one I managed to photograph. And, with the bouncing and bobbing, I didn't get that great a photo, considering it wasn't that far from us.
We also saw a bald eagle altercation. Talons tangled, we saw 2 of them, very close to our boat, fall towards the water. I didn't have my camera at the ready instantly, so didn't catch that. One of the eagles (the loser?) stayed in the water for a while before being ready to take off; the other flew immediately to a nearby tree:
Finally, we saw a lot of seals. But we couldn't get very close to them, so you'll have to trust me that there are several seals on the rocks in this picture. They also swam and stuck their noses out of the water, some pretty near to us.

We also a lot of osprey, and even more mosquitoes.

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