Thursday, August 26, 2010

Times You Wish You Had a Camera

So this morning, I had one of those moments... I saw something so cool and spectacular, and of course, I was camera-less. We watched from just a few feet away as a full-grown praying mantis ate the head and innards of a cicada. It just sat there, holding the green-eyed prey in its holy arms, and chewed. The cicada was pretty dead, we think, but the mantis' motions caused its translucent wings to move as though it were still struggling to be free. Meanwhile, the mantis' head moved up and down like a wolf picking flesh off of bones... well, like a green, alien wolf, I guess. Or a person with a big old ear of corn, choosing where to dive in and take a bite. Actually, the whole thing happened upside down... so it was like a bat eating an ear of corn. But I think perhaps we've gone a little too simile crazy. The end.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that cicada was quite alive when the mantis ate it! Once they grab prey, they don't wait for it to stop wiggling. I watched a mantis eat a live honeybee once. That was a shocker! The poor bee kept buzzing, but the mantis didn't care.