Friday, September 3, 2010

Things that Make a Blah Day Better

Some days, I am the person that sees things. Other days, I feel as though I miss what'sright in front of my face. Today, it took kindergarteners to point out the special discoveries...
This saddlebags dragonfly just emerged, is still resting on his nymphal exoskeleton. There were three within a 2 foot radius, and who knows how many more around the pond... one got blown by today's extreme winds into the water, but I rescued it and I think it was OK.
This was the second, and larger, of two monarch caterpillars they found munching on milkweed. It was dripping with dew...


  1. Oh, those pictures are wonderful! What exciting discoveries to find!

  2. I love your posts I love your posts I love your posts