Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This male spotted spreadwing had striking blue -almost purple- eyes that didn't quite come across in this photograph. He's a late-season odonate, but as far as I'm concerned, while dragon- and damselflies are still on the wing, summer hasn't lost the fight yet.

Speaking of that... Recently, it has been cool in the mornings -- pleasantly so -- and warm during the day. The world is still green but it has the yellowed tinge of the end of summer. Goldenrods, false sunflowers, and grass tassles paint the prairie with barely a purple brush stroke anymore. They days are getting shorter while the shadows get longer... which makes me want to be terribly lazy although this is one of the busiest times of the year for me! Ah, well...

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  1. Neat picture you captured! I'm really enjoying reading your thoughts, seeing the great pictures you've taken, and the pretty pictures you've drawn. You're making me want to start drawing again! :) Before I found your blog I didn't even know what "phenology" meant. Thank you for your blog. :-)