Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Sketches

 I am pretty out of practice with sketching.  And I haven't the time to work on it.  I wish I did; maybe now with daylight savings time... Anyhow, today I stole about 15 minutes while eating my snack and tried three very quick sketches, then later a fourth... but I didn't really "get into" or feel great about any of them.  Ah, well.  They still illustrate what's happening today!
Siberian Elms Flowering

First Forsythia Flowers
Yesterday, the forsythia bushes had small yellow buds on them.  In 24 hours, they grew about a centimeter and some of them opened up.  It's really amazing -- you could probably literally see them grow if you had the patience.
Lilacs Buds Begin to Look Like Leaves
Other notables today:
  • 2 daffodils bloomed in our yard, although most are not even close.
  • Scilla started blooming today.
  • Temperatures topped 80 degrees F.

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