Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I Love

Things I Love, by Naomi
  • I love waking up to a cacophony of chirps from robins and chickadees, sparrows and cardinals, through the open bedroom window.
  • I love walking around my yard to check what's blooming before I leave for work without having to put a jacket on.  (Today: dwarf irises, crocuses, lilac leaves pushing out of their bud scales...)  (I'd love it even more if I didn't have to go to work, but the point is, no jacket to bother with, even early in the morning.)
  • I love wearing my sunglasses as a headband when I step inside and not having to worry about the fact that a hat is already in their place on my head.  
  • I love not wearing socks.  
  • I love when my closet -- situated over the garage and not part of the heating or cooling system of the house -- isn't freezing or boiling when I go to get my clothes. 
  • I love when things change every day; it's like waking up to discover a new world each morning.  Even after a mild winter, it's so so refreshing to hit almost-spring.   
(Just wait until we get some sort of April blizzard.  Oh, the complaining I'll engage in!)

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