Sunday, March 18, 2012

We're Blooming and Leafing

There is a lot going on right now.  And a lot of it is going on early.  Most people I talk to make some comment about how the weather is freaking them out.  My response is something along the lines of, it may be freaky, but we can't do anything about it, so let's enjoy it... because if you ignore the fact that its mid-March, it's perfect weather... not too hot for an early morning run, warm enough to read outside all afternoon, but not so warm that you get uncomfortable weeding, and then cool enough in the night time for sleeping under the covers with open windows.  

BUT... if you want to add more data to the freak-out part of it... I could include photos of about a hundred things, but no one would bother to scroll through them.  Here are some highlights. 

 Violets flowered today, which have previously been noted in early April...


The bloodroot started to open... over a month earlier than last year (April 21 they looked like this), and a couple of weeks before 2010 bloom-time.


Hepatica isn't quite open but it's close, I mean, this flower will be open tomorrow.  Again, this is exactly how they looked on April 21 last year.  Same with the trillium and mayapples (Aprilapples, this year?), below.

Mayapples poke through the soil.

Ginger leaves emerging from the earth.
Other things to report...
  • A lot of surprising leaf-outs, including...
  • Crab apples leafing out (3/16)
  • Willows catkining and leafing out (3/17)
  • Wasps extremely active (3/18)
  • Currants leafing out (3/17) 
  • Maple-leaf viburnum leafing out (3/18)
  • And today, there were tons of millipedes undulating their way across the trail.  I was trying to avoid them, but it became too difficult, and eventually, I had to just decide that some myriapods are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Spice bushes flowering (since last week, but I liked this photo:) 

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