Friday, September 4, 2015


The problem with phenology... Travel 5 hours north and nothing you see is really relevant to the place-based seasonal timing I am typically recording... And what have I missed during 4 days up north?

But I have seen a lot of remarkable things... Bats swooping close overhead, a universe of millions of stars, sunrise over the lake... And of course, fungi in almost every color of the rainbow!


  1. Hi Naomi. Thanks for the lovely pictures and faithful recording! Important work, as far as I am concerned. Are you familiar with the works of Edwin Way Teale? Just yesterday I read a nice mushroom-centric entry in his A Walk Through the Year. His Trail Wood property has tons of interesting fungi! PS: He was also a well known nature photographer especially insects. Apologies if at some point I already shared this; had my nature writing residency at his home this summer and have become increasingly fascinated with Edwin and his wife Nellie! Here's a blog I posted recently with a bit of what I learned about mushrooms:

  2. Thanks for sharing -- great post. I am familiar with Teale, though I'll admit he's not one of the nature writers I turn to most often. I'll look into A Walk Through the Year... Dune Boy is the one I remember reading.