Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Letting Go

Upon returning from my trip up north, what I notice most about my native prairie habitat isn't what's here but what's gone.  When I left, there were a lot of hangers-on... plants that were well past their peak bloom, but there were still a few left.  But, despite hot weather all week, a lot of the hangers on have let go, and in their place there are only seed-heads.  Among those things that are now totally absent:
  • purple coneflower (peak bloom early July, but some of those things hang on forever)
  • wild bergamot (peak bloom also late June'early July, but a few lasted)
  • mountain mint
  • blazing stars (even the rough ones are pretty much gone)
  • ironweed
  • yellow coneflower
  • cup plant
So now, the prairie is dominated mainly by grasses and DYCs, especially goldenrod.  A lot of goldenrod this time of year!  A few NE asters (DPCs?) add a little purple color to the mostly yellow hues.

Here's one exception... I just this weekend noticed this boneset in bloom.  Either it really just started (Several Eupatorium species do bloom late!) or I missed it for all the other things going on! 

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