Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In the Weeds

A weed is just a good plant in a bad place, really.  But the result is a bad plant.  Some of my least favorite flowers are blooming now... a lot of "weeds," including these, can be pretty.  A lot of people call some of the native plants I treasure "weeds" because they move into their yards without being invited.  But invasive species that threaten the biodiversity of the ecosystem... no matter how pretty they seem, when I see them, I can't get past the ugliness of what they're doing.
Here, crown vetch (purple) and birds' foot trefoil (I was sad when I learned that one was invasive):
Yellow sweet clover (with other clovers as well...):
And, everyone's favorite, bindweed.  Just try to get that off a plant it's decided to climb up...


  1. Hi, Naomi. I don't mean to make you any sadder, but in Southern Ohio crown vetch, birds foot trefoil and sweet clover are all considered invasive. I spend a lot of effort removing them from my prairies.

  2. They're considered invasive here, too, and we spend a lot of time battling them!