Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shrub Update

I noticed that the hazelnuts nearby had been being defoliated, like this:
I stopped and explored for a second to figure out why:
There is some sort of worm on them.  I searched for a brief time and got nowhere fast trying to determine what they are. 

In other shrub news, the arrowwood viburnum is flowering.  It's one of those flowers that has a smell that I find rather aversive, kinda stinky.  But they're pretty. 


  1. Hmm...the caterpillars that ate our hazelnuts were Tulip Tree Beauty moth larvae. In the final stage they're sort of bark-colored and look like inchworms except for being *two* inches long. I can't see whether yours is a Geometrid caterpillar or something else--how many legs?

    1. Well... I don't know. I mean, it has 6 legs, but I don't know how many prolegs and I'm not near that area to go look. However, I looked up Geometrid caterpillars and I'm fairly certain it's not that. They seem to have really distinctive gripping prolegs and I don't remember that on these. Plus these seemed... softer. If that makes sense.