Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bud's a dud.

I had suspected that the maple bud I was looking at, being the very lowest one I could possibly find (and the only one I could reach) was actually a "late bloomer" -- and yesterday I got proof. That bud still looked quite the same, but with the help of some students, I got a slightly higher one and -- there you have it. Hundreds of stamen blatantly flaunting their stuff. Hanging in the wind. Plants are not at all shy; they display their sexual parts with wild abandon. You've gotta respect them for that, I guess.

In other events of yesterday afternoon, spiders are plentiful. Of course, I am not a spider expert, and so I have no idea what types of spiders there were. But I saw several. Lilac buds are even more swollen than before; and the Japanese elm flower buds have become round and robust.

I took this picture that I think is pretty cool (last year's milkweed seeds):

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  1. They were indeed peepers that I have been hearing....with a night as warm as this, I hope you'll be hearing them as well.

    Really cool milkweed shot....