Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today in Photos

Today in photos:

I believe these interesting ice structures were formed the other night when it was super windy.  Waves formed on the lake and splashed water onto the shore, which froze, coating the plants, rocks, etc. in ice.

The storm was also apparently not good for fish.  There were about 15 of them in a 10-foot area of shore.  (fish photo by Chris)
Silver maple buds, swelling and getting ready to flower.  This makes me remember one of my first formal phenology experiences... When I was a freshman at Carleton, my friend and I used to go every morning to breakfast and look at the MN Star Trib.  In the winter-spring, the Strib did a feature called BudWatch.  A photographer went to the same bud at the same time every day and took a photo.  They published them (in full color) every day, and we followed religiously.  We watched it swell, and leaf out, and felt that spring had sprung before our eyes.  What a wonderful thing for a newspaper to print!
There is a woodpecker right in the center there.  He was pecking away amidst at least 10 robins, so here is a picture with a robin AND the woodpecker. 

And finally, aspen catkins.
Also seen, but not pictured, a muskrat swimming in the lake. 

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  1. Love the ice picture with the stone and the water. Are you going to take a picture of the buds swelling each day as well?