Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I saw a robin this morning, which was actually my first of this year.
But I wasn't that excited about it... so many people have been seeing them throughout the winter -- if they live near water that doesn't freeze, I think -- that they no longer seem to hold their status as a harbinger of spring.  For that, we'll have to look to the RWBBs, which haven't made their appearance yet, at least, not to me... I am not a particularly good birder.  A friend reported seeing them yesterday (Mar 2).  This is why I like plant phenology, personally.  Plants don't move, they aren't hard to ID depending on the light, and I can see the changes every day if I just bother to look.  Much easier.  

It is a crisp, sunny, sparkly morning, and also slippery. 

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