Monday, March 9, 2009

Rain rain, go away!

The weekend was 48 solid hours of rain.  At times, it sprinkled; at other times, it was sheets of water pouring down so thickly that you couldn't see the edge of the yard.  Puddles formed where I have never seen puddles before (perhaps because the ground is still frozen under there).  Thunder and lightning occurred more than once.

Today is a small respite -- sunny, crisp, clear.  A thin layer of ice covers the many puddles that remain.  It is supposed to rain again tonight.  Yea. 

Speaking of ice... today is a momentous phenology day... ICE OFF.  Ice has been off small ponds for a few days now, but I have kept records for several years of ice off Lake Leopold.
Lake Leopold ice off dates: 
2006 = Mar 10; 
2007 = Mar 18; 
2008 = Mar 31.  
This is the earliest ice off in 4 years.  

In other news, some aspen trees have their catkins emerging (noted as early as Mar 3 in previous years).  They look just like pussy willow catkins -- fuzzy and grey -- except, of course, they are not on willow trees.  I am not sure if they are male or female.   

Lilac buds are sure huge and swollen, but it will be a while yet... 

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