Monday, June 8, 2009

A Fungus Among Us

I suppose the damp weather of late has caused the fruiting of these fungi among the new bushes.  Today is one of those days that just can't decide what it wants to be -- rainy, sunny, cloudy, warm, cool... but its a vast improvement over the last coupe of days, which were cool (cold for June) and cloudy and didn't even bring the promise of rain.  Today has actually been quite lovely - it began with a warm mist that made everything look layered and far away.  And since then we've had pouring rain, drying sun, gusting winds, and everything in between.  Exciting, summery in its warmth.  
In less exciting fungal news, our basil has been infected by one that is not so lovely as the mushrooms above, and is causing the leaves to look like this:
Big fat bummer.

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