Thursday, June 18, 2009


Nasturtium. (not a problem)
Mushrooms. (not a problem)

I have a problem. Several, actually. They say that's the first step to a solution. Admitting you have a problem. But my first problem -- that mosquitoes are inhabiting my yard in thirsty droves -- is prohibiting me from (comfortably) solving my other problems. The first other problem is the wild strawberries -- which I do like... but they're taking over, going crazy. That's why this picture of the blue-eyed grass flowers makes it look like they have strawberry leaves.

These little wood sorrels? Another problem. At first they look pretty, small and unassuming with tiny yellow flowers. Then they're everywhere. And my final problem (that I'm going to write about), undocumented by photos, involves more vegetable fungus. The basil is looking good. The tomatoes have been attacked, their leaves yellowing and spotty. Grrr. I have never had these problems before, but then, we don't usually have such cool, wet Junes.

Flowers on Solomon's seal (slightly blurry) and

red baneberry looking really, really red!


  1. Well Gnomie we all new you had some problems and good to see you finally addressing some of them.

  2. Gnomie?

    I think your tomato problem may be solved this week as the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid to high 80's. The rain appears to be less of a threat in the coming week as well. So, as much as we hate the hot humid days, your tomatoes will get happy again.