Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey it's good to be back home again...

Bottlebrush grass has made seeds in my yard -- although they are green and new, unlike the haiku describes. Not ready to be harvested at all.

But the most notable advances that occurred while we were away were in the garden. Strawberries are ripening and I got to eat one! One, ironically, that was almost ready to eat when we left, rotted on the plant, a few more did get eaten by birds, and a LOT look ready to eat tomorrow... I hope.

Cucumbers have yellow flowers. Melons are getting larger... they have been waiting for some warmth! One potato plant also has purple flowers and the sugar snap peas seem to be fully flowering (no fruits yet).

The basil seems to be looking a lot better but we're not totally out of the fungus woods yet.

Weeds are doing GREAT so there's a lot of work to do now!

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