Monday, November 2, 2009

Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic

This garter snake was awake and active this afternoon. (Although... after being surrounded by 20 first and second graders, it will probably head immediately into its den just to avoid all those feet!) Garter snakes hibernate, but they are among the most cold-tolerant of all snakes, emerging early in the spring and staying active into the colder days of autumn (as evidenced here). When they do finally hibernate, they do so in large groups, all "cuddled up" to keep warm. Males emerge from hibernation first, and await the waking of the females, who basically get jumped as soon as they see the light of day. :) (Actually, females often get their choice of males...) In the summer, babies are born live -- and as many as 30 at a time. Fun stuff.


  1. Great info about the garter snake. You have been tagged for the Honest Scrap Award. See my post on my blog for more information.

  2. Up here in MN one of our trailguides told some kids this week to not worry about snakes because it has been so cold they are all underground by now. The group then ran into a garter snake with the kids about two minutes after walking out the door. I guess she spoke too soon. I've seen garter snakes leave trails on snow so yeah, I'd agree they are pretty cold tolerant!