Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Few Honest Scraps

Well. I'm honored to have been tagged by Mary Delle at the Secret Cottage Garden for the Honest Scrap Award. Though titled an award, it seems like one of those chain emails, except for blogs. I wasn't certain about it, so I did a little bit of research, and here's what I came up with.


1. You express your gratitude, Oscar-style, at getting the award and you credit your nominator. You also paste the Honest Scrap picture on your blog.

2. You tell 10 honest, interesting things about yourself in a blog post. For some bloggers, that may be simple (or hard because they already reveal everything about themselves in their blogs). For me, it's "hard" because my personal idiosyncrasies are really not the purview of my blog -- I mostly keep my other pursuits out of the internet world. Also, I am not predisposed to brag on myself, but nor do I wish to disparage myself in public (as it were). But this will be an atypical entry, I suppose.

3. You choose 7 other blogs to nominate for the award, and notify them, so they can do the same thing. (I read anywhere between 7 and 10 nominations, but I'm going on the low side due to point #3 below.) Of course it's optional, and I almost didn't do it... but then I figured.... why not? It's cool that people -- or at least one person -- wants to know more about me. And I enjoyed reading her 10 things, so...

Here are the 10 honest, somewhat interesting factoids about Naomi:

1. My current job is the longest I’ve ever spent going to one place each day. It got that distinction this year, as I began my 7th year… which means I have been at PCCS for longer than I was at my own elementary school (6 years, k-5). High school and Carleton College are next at 4 years each, and I’ve never stayed at a job longer than 2 years before this. (I did have the same summer job for about 7 years, but that’s just 8 weeks a year). I feel like I should be getting tired of it, but I’ve got no plans to leave.

2. We have 4 wall calendars and none of them is currently showing November, 2009.

3. I don’t read blogs. I write one, and I am thrilled when other people read it, and feel guilty that I don’t follow all the people who follow me. But with a very few exceptions, I don’t spend the time. In general, I have a working relationship with my computer. I use it to work, and to find out necessary information at home (like directions to places), but I don’t use it for fun. This blog is the exception that proves the rule… to be honest, I started it for a class. It was an assignment. But that was just the first 3 or 4 entries. Then I received a grade and was free to abandon the project, as did 99% of the other students in my ed tech class. But I was hooked. It was almost like my nature journal on line, and when I got a scanner… well… then it became my nature journal on line. (So I apologize to all those out there who are offended because I rarely read back.)

4. I can start a fire with flint and steel even on rainy and windy days (which a student correctly described as “about the worst possible weather for what we’re doing.”)

5. Sometimes I just hate being outside. As the “nature teacher” at my school, I feel like I’m supposed to love it all the time… but after a week of going outside with classes every day, some Saturdays I just want to lay on the couch.

6. I think I might actually like fennel. Since I first joined a CSA and began my locavore endeavor, I have dreaded getting fennel. I don’t like wasting things, and I tried it several ways and just never liked the taste. It has a distinct flavor, and some things, you just don’t like, you know? But it turns out? I like to eat it raw, like celery.

7. Becoming what I mock, I seem to be a fan of reality TV. I mean, I’ve still never watched the Bachelor or an episode of Survivor… but I would plan my week around Top Chef, if I ever had any plans that late on a weeknight. And all those shows in the same vein – Project Runway, Top Design – I watch them, too, although I don’t enjoy them as much because I don’t really know or care about fashion/design. Cake shows, like Cake Boss and Ultimate Cake-off, are a new addition to my repertoire (complementing wedding shows). And the one I’m most ashamed of… The Biggest Loser. Yeah, I know.

8. I let my cats sit on the table while I’m eating. Heck, I practically let them sit on the plate.

9. I am proud of the fact that, since June 5, 2009, I have not had a single diet coke. Beginning in high school, I drank diet coke every day, in varying amounts at various times – anywhere from 1 can per day to 6. As vices go, I could have worse, but is was definitely inconsistent with the other dietary choices I have made.

10. I honestly love plants and fungi and bugs, I can’t get enough of them, the shapes and patterns and textures, the smells that change with the seasons, the spectacular adaptations that are beyond the imaginations of even the best science fiction writers. Grand scenery is great, but it’s the little miracles that really amaze me. I’m not kidding about my nature nerdery.

Now, here's my nominations:

Jamie's Drama (because I get to remotely stay linked to my college roommate turned life-long friend, who I dearly miss)

Chicago Gardener (because, well, how could I not?)

The Daily Parker (because I always learn something interesting, and who doesn't love an up-to-date pic of the dog?)

Huginn-Muninn (because I wish Five Crows would write again, I miss her blog even though I get to talk to her almost every day. I doubt she'll do it, but it's worth a shot.)

Fractured Thoughts (because more people should get to know the Veteran's writing...)

Blue Jay Barrens (because I learned about nostoc, which is pretty cool)

Tag! You're it!

Sigh. I'm just going to hope that my readers aren't that into math.


  1. Hey I actually learned some stuff about you. And we have four wall calendars that are all on the wrong month. Geez!

  2. I have since flipped one to the appropriate month...