Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Fall Fun

We went apple picking today. It is quite near to the end of the season; in fact, several orchards were already closed for the year. I'm sure the selection of apples isn't what it was 3 weeks ago... but them neither were the crowds! And the weather was fine when the sun was out, which I can not say for the poor trick-or-treaters yesterday. Anyhow, we went to 3 orchards that were open, and got what I will describe as a counter-full of apples and 2 gallons of cider. The apples were mostly Jonagold, blushing golden, empire, winesap, with a few honey crisps and galas, and a single macintosh. I have already made 2 recipes of applesauce and 1 recipe of apple butter, and there's still a large number of apples on the counter. I don't even know what you do with apple butter (Chanukah gifts?). Sometimes I let these things get out of control.

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