Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ECOlogically Speaking

I received, as one of my birthday gifts, a day-by-day ECOlogical calendar. I have, in the past, had the wall version -- which isn't terribly useful as a calendar but makes a lovely mural of the year, showing an overall picture of how the light changes, the sky changes, and the natural events that occur. The day by day one, which you could actually use as a calendar, contains more information (it must, to fill over 365 pages).

Phenologically, it's obviously very general. I mean, the solstices, equinoxes, moon phases, etc. are fully accurate, but in terms of biological and meteorological features, it had to be printed both way in advance and in such a way that it works for a large region. Nonetheless, it's a refreshing way to look at each day... not as a schedule, or a task list, but as one part of an annual cycle of natural happenings, which can and should be looked at scientifically, artistically, poetically...

Here's tomorrow's page.
Also, it's snowing again, but hardly cold enough to be snow. I think it's supposed to turn to rain tomorrow...

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  1. *poke* Wanna work toward a product of much greater relevance, resolution, and dynamism? I'm ready when you are.......
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