Saturday, December 5, 2009

Moon Rising

The moon, a waning gibbous, rises through the tree branches. It was quite lovely tonight -- I first saw the moonrise from the car, and it was huge and orange and hazy from thin clouds. By the time we arrived home and set up the tripod to take a picture, its color had lightened and the moon illusion had diminished, but it still hung large on the horizon like a face looking down upon us.

Interesting moon fact: There was a full moon on Dec 2 this year and there will be another on Dec 31... 2 full moons in one month. That only happens... once in a blue moon! (This is one reported origin of the phrase; a more common explanation is that a blue moon occurs when you have 13 full moons in a calendar year as opposed to 12. Either way, it happens about once every 3 years. Not quite as rare as the idiom leads you to believe.)

Also... we'll see about tomorrow, but today was still quite cold, and our small dusting of snow is still on the ground even though today and yesterday were sunny!

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