Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Walk

Well, I certainly haven't been a very good blogger lately. Partly this is because really, not a lot is happening, phenologically... there's more snow, more melting, tracks (which I can write about for the next 3 months), Orion (same deal)... Partly this is because I've had a pretty lazy winter break. Not so much computering... and, for that matter, not so much being out in nature. Anyhow, no point in forcing it.

Today, we did brave the cold and go for a walk at the beach. It was nice, with snow falling and the muted color pallet of winter sticks and grasses. Here's some of what we saw:
Bridge over the dead river.
Beach grasses
Stripes of snow, sand, ice, and rocks on the beach. The water, by the way, had no ice on it at all. It was quite wavy, which meant we had to watch our feet constantly. There are few things I like less than having wet feet in the winter when you're stuck outside.
This crazy looking thing is a bundle of sticks (I think) that was in the area where the waves hit, so it got coated in ice.
We saw 3 deer (and enough tracks to indicate that there are a lot more than 3 out there). Here are some shots of them.
This last is not at IL beach, but in my mom's yard, where some squirrels have dug at least 15 holes such as this right in the grass, presumably in search of there caches. It should make for a lovely lawn in the spring... oh, well!

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