Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon

Last night's full moon -- the blue moon (see previous post) -- was lovely as it rose large through the bare tree branches and made its way to the top of the sky as the new year approached. I watched it through the window as the evening progressed. It was a beautiful backdrop for a night of delicious food, wonderful friends, and brain-testing fun. And now, on to a day that is sunny to the point of sparkling.

I hope everyone out there has a happy new year! I'm not much for resolutions, really. My friend Jamie has, in the past, blogged about resolutions endlessly -- 10 or 15 detailed things to work on, which she will then seriously analyze in terms of progress. They are the only blog entries she writes that are so long that I haven't had the patience to read them all. This year, hers is short and sweet. "Bee less grumpy." I can get on board with that... (but no promises, people. I said I'm not much for resolutions, at least not at such a random time as New Year's...)

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