Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Sketches

I have decided I need to take the time to draw again.  This weekend was nearly perfect for it, weather-wise (though the wind made my subjects prone to more movement than I prefer -- if I wanted moving subjects, I'd draw animals!
Woodland brome is one of two grasses (the other being sea oats) which, right now, are adding great interest to the shade garden in my front yard with  green seeds.  Though unripe, the seeds are lovely in this stage, playing in the wind, flickering, twisting and turning on their slender stems...

White Snakeroot isn't yet blooming; in the center of the (unfinished) picture is the bud cluster of future flowers -- they are one of the last to bloom.  Blooming or not, snakeroot got its name from the incorrect belief that it could help cure snake bites.  In fact, it is poisonous to animals as well as humans (and including humans who drink milk/eat meat from animals that have eaten it!)  The ones in our yard have leaf miners at work... They live within the tissue of the leaves and they create these white trails that form random patterns all over the leaves.  They get slightly thicker as the miners grow larger, which is kind of cool...  

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