Friday, August 21, 2015

Wild Edibles

Yesterday, I received a text message with a picture of these.  I assumed the question would be "what are they" and I knew the answer to that right away... Cornelian Cherry Dogwood.  They're not native, but are a lovely ornamental small tree, with very early yellow flowers and these bright red, olive-sized and -shaped fruits right now.  I did NOT know the answer to the second question -- are they edible?  Research ensued, and the answer turns out to be YES, they are... though they are a bit sour.  Still, they (supposedly) make a lovely jam or preserve.  As a canner with a sad inability to turn away from free local produce, I apparently have a new weekend project!

Elderberries starting to ripen
These American Hazels are edible by people (with some processing) but you have to beat the squirrels to them at just the right time.  Today I notices a lot of squirrel mess under the bushes... they're not the neatest eaters! 

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