Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baseball phenology

The ivy at Wrigley is still brown.

It was chilly but not terrible (probably low 50s, but with no sun and not moving at all); cloudy until inning 7; 10 mph wind from the north. I made it through the game without wearing my snow pants. But I did have long underwear, my winter coat, a fleece, hat, gloves, and boots. But this may not be a phenological observation, it turns out, because the girl next to me was wearing capris and a t-shirt. In the third inning she put on the light spring jacket that she had been sitting on.

Honestly, it was like I was in the tundra and she was in Florida but somehow we had been beamed together.

Rock doves abounded. (Doesn't that sound more bird-nerdy than pigeons?)

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